"-If he comes back, will you please deliver this massage? Tell him…that i couldn’t keep my promise to him. I’ll be passing on before him. And please tell him…that i’m sorry.”


No, I don't think wanting Obito and Kakashi to talk at such an important time was too much to ask. Not at all. What kills me is that Sasuke and Naruto rocketed off leaving Kakashi in a heap next to the pile of ash that used to be his best friend. Without even a word.

Yeah, they had to leave Kakashi behind, but the emotion that must rush through Kakashi… For him to get on his knees and close his eyes… Kakashi just hurted me so much this chapter with his few words and body language alone.

I reeally wonder if we’ll get to see some more reaction of him in the next chapter or if Kishimoto will switch to the fighting part.


I want to draw Kakashi and Obito but I am so unsatisfied by how their ‘closure’ was handled… I mean, there was not even a closure between them while I would have expected that from their relationship and history they had with each other.

I loved the fact that Obito was able to go with a smile and on his own terms, but why was there no ‘meaningful’ moment with Kakashi (or even Minato)? Obito is imporant to them… I’m sorry for the rant, but …

How will Kakashi be handled as a character now? I know Kakashi is more than just Obito, but Obito and Team Minato are such a big part of his past that it just seems so natural that Obito would’ve given him some words of closure (for their goodbye).

Obito entrusts Kakashi with the task to support the team but… that just adds and it doesn’t take some stress away. We all know Kakashi will get back up and step foreward, but I wonder how it will be handled.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Naruto and Obito interactions, it was bittersweet, but I am biased and I wanted some Kakashi and Obito moments too…

Obito his speech is just so beautiful.

And they would wait an eternity until Kakashi was ready to join them.

And they would wait an eternity until Kakashi was ready to join them.

Ah, I guess I wanted too much by wanting Kakashi and Obito to talk… Why do they never get any moment together in such important times?

No, just leave me alone.

I guess this is goodbye, Obito…