White Falcon by Ronald Coulter
First name: Sulvey Nickname: Rose Age: 22 Gender: female Sexual Orientation: Straight Nationality: Belgium Relationship status: single Likes: Art, team minato, naruto, animals, other cultures Dislikes: school, rude people Random fact: You are going to school for social work

I know you totally meant to write ‘Silvy’, so let’s just say that’s a point.
The rest is correct too, except my age. I’m not yet 22, but I’ll be this year :). And about school, that’s a difficult one. I love going to school, yet I dislike it at the same time, so you’re actually quite correct.


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We haven’t had the opportunity to really talk (outside from some memes), but I want to make this the opportunity to start?

From what I’ve seen on my dash by you, you are really good at making gifs/edits(or whatever you call them) and I enjoy your writing so much! Thanks for taking the time to share it with us. You seem like a really nice person.

I want to expand this, but I’ve got no material to do so, so thank you for sending this in :)




Hello! We have had some talks on here, and once on skype, I think. I have to say that I enjoy talking to you about Kakashi/Obito (because that’s mainly the thing we talk about.) You have some crazy ideas for them and I know, that If I reblog some sort of meme, I’ll find you in my inbox. (I still have to do your request, but I will get there eventually, you know.)

So far, I have enjoyed our interactions, and I hope that I’ll be able to read your fanfictions some day!


Where to start? I’m really glad I’ve met you here. You are so kind and I love talking to you, wether it’s about fandoms, school, interests, French or countries, it doesn’t matter. I always love chatting with you.

Also, thank you for giving me some tipes on painting. You are definitly the person I’ll keep on turning to for advice on that matter (If I have the permission, of course). You are also so willing to share information with me about your homecountry/state (or other things), which I think is really awesome. I love learning new things and you are so amazing to share them with me. And let’s not talk about art history.

I just really love everything you do? Like, your paintings and writing are just so great. I just love it all. I just hope we don’t stop talking anytime soon.

Mutuals send me a number and I’ll make a post talking about you

Thanks for sending some writing requests. I’ll do them in the course of this week.